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How Do We Buy Houses In Niagara?


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We buy properties in Niagara in cash, that is why we don’t need to use banks or real estate agents. This makes the entire process simpler and faster! If you accept our cash offer, we close at the lawyer of your choice on a date of your choosing. It’s that easy!

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1) We Start With The After Repair Value

The After Repair Value or “ARV” simply means what your house would be worth if it was fixed up in tip top shape. Think HGTV. Based on this value, we determine your offer!

2) We Calculate The Cost of Repairs

This is how much it will cost us to fix and update your house to get that HGTV look and achieve the ARV mentioned above.

3) We Determine Our Selling Costs

Once we renovate the house, we list it on the market to sell. We have to pay agent fees, closing costs, taxes, holding costs etc. These are all the fees you do NOT have to pay, if you sell your house directly to us. Our Selling Costs usually total 10% all together of the selling price.

4) We Factor In Our Minimum Profit

This is a business and we do have to make a profit to stay in business. However, we make our best offer to you for one very important reason. We want you to ACCEPT! If our offers are insultingly low then no one would accept our offers and we wouldn’t make any money!

“I Want A Cash Offer For My House In Niagara But What’s The Catch?”

There isn’t one! We really do buy houses As-Is for Cash. We make the entire process of selling your house as simple and easy as possible. We do all the work for you and will answer any questions you have along the way with HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY.

How Do I Know I Am Getting A Fair Cash Offer For My House?

The first thing you need to know is that we will NEVER throw some insulting “low-ball” offer at you. We start the whole process by getting to know you and your situation. You tell us what you need and we will try to make it work. If we can’t, we will explain why and tell you our best offer. There’s no pressure to accept.

Why Should I Sell My House Fast To You vs. Listing With An Agent?

The answer depends on what is most important to you and your situation. If selling your house quickly, with no fees or cost to you, no repairs, no cleaning, and no hassle is important to you, then GET A CASH OFFER from us! For more information, check out this side by side

Forget about paying commissions or making repairs. Our home buying process makes selling your home simpler and faster. We can close within a timeline that works for you! You have nothing to loose. 100% Free no obligation cash offer in 24 hours or less!

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